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With Crime Prevention Week rapidly approaching (May 12-18) this is a reminder to all of our wonderful members to submit their crime prevention events to the Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association for inclusion on our website. Please send your submissions to the Executive Director, Lillian Jones at

Welcome once again to the ACCPA column.  As one of the longest standing board members, I have been asked to address three topics this month:

  1. What is currently happening with ACCPA;
  2. How the dynamics of the board have changed; and
  3. How exciting change can be?

If you have been involved in any organization long enough, you will likely have experienced both the ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ times. Like the stock market, they seem to be inevitable consequences as economic, politics, and social values ebb and flow. Having been a Board member with ACCPA since 2006, I have experienced both the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’. When I first joined this amazing organization the Alberta economy was booming and so was ACCPA. The Solicitor General, who was our main source of funding, had the resources available to allow ACCPA to conduct special projects as well as facilitate crime prevention conferences. Then, this past year, along came ‘hard’ times leaving the Ministry in a position where it was forced to make some tough decisions and unfortunately funding to ACCPA was an area that got cut. With fewer dollars available the Board had to roll up their proverbial sleeves and look for alternatives. Our present Board is a very dedicated group of individuals and tend to see the glass as half full so they have stepped up to the challenge. We are presently, and will continue, seeking new opportunities and partnerships to invest in a provincial oriented organization that is on the cutting edge of crime prevention and public safety for the citizens of Alberta.

This brings me to my second topic – how the dynamics of the Board have changed. Over the past three years the board has evolved from a governance role to more of a skill-set driven action committee. We have actively and intentionally recruited specific individuals whose abilities enrich and complement ACCPA’s mission, vision and goals. For example, we have most recently recruited Ms. Sarah Thompson as ACCPA’s legal consultant. Sarah has been an enormous help in getting our legal affairs in order as well as Mr. Tony Chin, a financial guru, who has been absolutely stellar with our books. I want to take this opportunity to thank both Sarah and Tony for all their vital help in elevating ACCPA to new heights. In the past three years, ACCPA has also generated a new strategic plan, created an Advisory Board, revamped its website, reached out to form partnerships with other specialized crime prevention areas such as domestic violence and rural crime watch, and engaged in a serious of initiatives that show considerable promise of actualizing ACCPA as THE primary resource organization for crime prevention in Alberta. It has also taken on a more progressive role in helping to educate Albertans about crime prevention, and perhaps most importantly for its continued success, it has embarked on a fund raising campaign that invites its members and corporate sponsors not just to give to ACCPA but to invest in something that will go a long way to helping ensure all Albertans can learn about crime prevention and take specific actions to reduce their risk of victimization. Please visit  if you care to INVEST in the safety and well-being of our collective communities.

Finally, a few words about change. Although we might sometimes be hesitant to embrace change, change can be both good and exciting. Starting or enhancing a fitness regimen; changing your nutrition and diet; volunteering for your community are all positive ways to make changes to improve your life and the community you live in. In fact, change is the only thing that is constant in life. Throughout my career, I have been part of many different boards in both private and government organizations and without a doubt with the revamping of ACCPA’s Board several years ago and the addition our new board members, ACCPA has become one of the most cohesive boards I have had the pleasure of working with. I am looking forward to the future – whatever it holds – and anticipate great things to come for ACCPA. I encourage you to consider joining, renewing your membership, and investing in an organization that has and will continue to have a positive impact on the quality of life for all Albertans.

Cst. Blaine Stodolka
Lethbridge Regional Police Service
Community Liaison Officer
Community & Diversity Resource Team




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