ACCPA has invited guest experts to talk about a specific crime prevention topic. Our goal at ACCPA is to create safe and healthy communities and the broadcast is a great way to bring current information and resources to you!

Episode #1: Human Trafficking: Understanding Realities of What Can Happen Online and How to Safeguard Our Children! 

With Guest Expert Kelly Tallon Franklin

Broadcast on Facebook Live on October 28, 2021


Human Trafficking is also referred to as modern slavery. Human trafficking doesn't have to involve shipping containers or crossing borders, it's happening in communities across Canada. It’s hard to imagine that internationally between 20 million and 40 million people are affected. The United Nations refers to it as “the hidden figure of crime.” And it might be happening in your community as well. 

Kelly Tollon Franklin is the Founder and Chief Executive Director of Courage for Freedom. Kelly is a survivor, best-selling author, award-winning speaker, respected advocate, and trainer on the issue of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, forced prostitution, and equines. She has been acknowledged and awarded many accolades globally as a survivor advocate and activist champion of minor-aged children and youth.

Episode #2: Domestic Violence: The Hidden Crime

With Guest Experts Maggie MacKillop and Justin Dafoe | Homefront Calgary

 Broadcast on Facebook Live on November 30, 2021

The rates of domestic violence and severity of violence skyrocketed across the globe during the pandemic, including in Alberta, which saw numbers jump between 30 and 50 per cent in some areas. In Calgary alone the Police Service responds to roughly 30,000 domestic conflict and domestic violence related calls a year. These stats are alarming!


ACCPA invited Maggie MacKillup and Justin Dafoe with Homefront Calgary to speak about this important topic. HomeFront helps individuals and families break the cycle of domestic violence through a coordinated community and justice response that works to keep victims safe and hold offenders accountable. 

Episode #3: Community Challenges of Addiction; with Guest Experts Kath Hoffman and Mark Boychuk

Broadcast on Facebook Live on December 29, 2021

TSubstance use disorders are among the top public health problems in Canada and other nations around the world. Illegal drug use is “almost automatically” associated with criminal behavior. They have an impact not just on the health of the user but also on their social network, their community, society, and the economy.

ACCPA invited Kath Hoffman (Captain at Safe Harbour Society) and Marc Boychuk (ICare) to speak about how addiction and substance use impacts our urban and rural communities in Alberta.

Watch this brief video and learn about how we help our members to feel empowered and connected.

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Alberta Citizens on Patrol

Building safer communities by mobilizing citizens throughout Alberta to participate in a community based crime prevention initiative in co-operation with their local law enforcement agencies.

Watch t his video to see why your community needs Citizens on Patrol

How to Prevent Auto Theft

This video is an animated short with tips to help you prevent your car or truck from being stolen.

Speed Watch Programs

This video explains what the Speed Watch Program is and why it works.

Blanket Ceremony

This video explains the blanket ceremony - a session at the 2024 ACCPA Conference.


ACOPA Newsletter/Videos

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