Best Home Security Cameras for 2020

Are you looking for a home security camera system (to augment your home based security system) but are not sure which one to choose with all the options available these days? (Note that a security system protects the occupants of a residence or business from intrusion, assault or worse. A security system sends signals to a monitoring station that calls the police or fire department to dispatch  assistance to a victim at the time of the incident. A camera security system only records the event and is viewed by the victim or police after the fact.....the cameras do not summon help. A camera system should be supplementary to a solid security system.) This site has reviewed 8 of the best home security cameras to help you make an informed decision. The picks are professional grade equipment that feature video analytics to secure your home with AI in the 21st century. AI in surveillance helps reduce false motion alerts to provide greater peace of mind. Read more here.

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