Edmonton – The Alberta RCMP are excited to announce our voluntary surveillance camera registry program, called CAPTURE (Community Assisted Policing Through the Use of Recorded Evidence) is now province wide.

 Residents and businesses who have video surveillance, and are willing to share video camera footage when requested, can sign up. This initiative won't replace officers from knocking on doors, but it will help officers track down video evidence in ongoing criminal investigations in RCMP jurisdictions.

 The program aims to reduce the time an officer needs to search for and gather video evidence when conducting an investigation. The CAPTURE program allows a person or business to upload a portion of the video requested. This allows the officer to evaluate the video footage before deciding to ask for a copy.

 To get started, visit www.ruralalbertacapture.ca and create an account. From there you can enter your contact information and video cameras on the secure site. Your information is not available to the public. If an officer needs to contact you, they will do so by the information provided.

 Things to know about the program:

  • This is completely voluntary and consent can be withdrawn at any time;
  • Registering a camera and contact information allows the RCMP to see a list of security cameras so they can contact the owners during an investigation;
  • The video footage on your camera remains your property; 
  • The RCMP will not have live access to your camera feed. We will only ask for videos already recorded;
  • You can share your video footage through the website for an officer to view before they decide if the video will help in their investigation; and
  • An officer can provide you with a USB thumb drive to copy your video. An officer can not download the video; they can only view it.

 This strategy is another way the Alberta RCMP are working with our communities to help solve crime faster, together. By providing video footage to police during an investigation, communities increase the chance of a successful prosecution.

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