Security Risk Assessments

The Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association (ACCPA) does not perform Security Risk Assessments. However, some of our Board members have some experience in this area, and their comments are below.

Sgt Nick Wilsher (nwilshire@calgarypolice.ca) of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) said:

Security Risk Assessments are like CPTED's only they will go into more detail re types of security systems, lighting, locks, secure rooms, etc. They are done by private firms, and I have been told those firms charge between $5,000 - $10,000 for these assessments.

At Calgary Police Services,  we recommend people do their homework in researching these firms; this link allows people to check if the firm is a company licensed to do this work. https://securitylicenselookup.apps.alberta.ca/

At CPS we talk with the person requesting to find out what they need, and then give advice accordingly; we will even do CPTED's for them, as this helps if they are looking to claim a government grant. Normally we find those requesting are small businesses, not for profits, or community groups, who are claiming a government grant for this work to be done. I think EPS and RCMP offer the same service.

Mark Kay (mark@mkayconsulting,ca) has experience doing SRAs and could actually do them – depending on the location and organization/facility.

He has indicated that, depending on your needs, if he doesn’t have the capacity to support the groups, he will refer you to CPTED Canada (if needs are more CPTED-related) – or to the ASIS Northern or Southern Alberta Chapters – if their needs are more security-related. (American Society for Industrial Security).

Lawrence Jansen is with the Edmonton Police Service and indicates that the Neighbourhood Empowerment Team launched it's Online CPTED Assessment December 14, 2023.  It can be found at https://www.edmonton.ca/residential_neighbourhoods/community_safety/neighbourhood-empowerment-team along with other resources.