Tips from the FBI to Avoid On-Line Scammers

If you want to buy stuff online, the first rule is to make sure you know who you truly are buying from and that they genuinely have the item they claim to be selling.

Some other tips from the FBI:

* Watch out for bargain prices. They're a red flag.

* Research the "seller" using any information they've provided about themselves including email address and phone number. If you can't find them, beware!

* If a seller won't meet with you or allow you to inspect the item they're selling, it's almost certainly a scam.

* With cars, request the vehicle's Vehicle Identity Number (VIN), current license plate, and the name of the registered owner. Then check them out.

"If you are suspicious or unsure about an email that claims to be from a legitimate business, locate the business online and contact it directly," IC3 says. "Criminals take extra effort to disguise themselves and may include familiar or recognizable words in their email address or domain name."