AGKNOW Crisis Resources

Download printable resources for mental health support and wildfire evacuee information directly from our website. Link: https://www.agknow.ca/crisis-resources

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Do You Know What Your Kids Are Googling

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Statistics Canada’s Eh Sayers podcast has published an episode entitled It’s 8 pm…Do You Know What Your Kids Are Googling? that may be of use for your work at the Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association. The episode runs for 10 minutes. StatCan released new analysis into the online culture our kids are growing up in,… Continue reading Do You Know What Your Kids Are Googling

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Security Risk Assessments

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The Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association (ACCPA) does not perform Security Risk Assessments. However, some of our Board members have some experience in this area, and their comments are below. Sgt Nick Wilsher (nwilshire@calgarypolice.ca) of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) said: Security Risk Assessments are like CPTED’s only they will go into more detail re… Continue reading Security Risk Assessments

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Alberta Government Online Tool for Non-Profits

This item is posted to ensure all stakeholders are informed regarding the Provincial government’s new online tool for non-profits. The website contains grant information, organizational management resources, as well as information on accessing supports and services. To access the webpage, click this link.

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Copper Wire Theft – More Than a Pretty Penny

They call it the ‘red gold rush’. And in the last two years, utilities across north America say it’s a growing safety and security threat. Theft of copper wire from FortisAlberta’s electricity distribution system costs millions and damages the integrity and reliability of delivering power to your home or business. Crime is driven by the… Continue reading Copper Wire Theft – More Than a Pretty Penny


ALBERTA RCMP EXPANDS NEW VIDEO CAMERA REGISTRY ACROSS THE PROVINCE Edmonton – The Alberta RCMP are excited to announce our voluntary surveillance camera registry program, called CAPTURE (Community Assisted Policing Through the Use of Recorded Evidence) is now province wide.  Residents and businesses who have video surveillance, and are willing to share video camera footage when… Continue reading RCMP CAPTURE

Rural Victims of Crime

Rural Victims of Crime offers a pioneering sustained assessment of ‘the rural victim’. It does so by examining and analysing the conceptual constructs of a victim and challenging the urban bias of victimisation and victimology in criminological study. Indeed, far too much criminological scholarship is based on the false assumption that rural areas are relatively crime… Continue reading Rural Victims of Crime

How to Prevent Identity Theft

 More than 229 million people have fallen victim to fraud since 2020—we are sharing with you Norton’s newly released identity fraud prevention guide. The resource not only highlights some of the most common types of identity theft to look out for, but it also features cybersecurity tips to help keep your information safe, such as remembering to check… Continue reading How to Prevent Identity Theft

Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council Virtual Speaking Series

The Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council has focused for many years on identifying and offsetting the root causes of crime. Moving forward we want to address the more foundational structures and harms under those root causes, moving upstream to the source, instead of treating the subsequent results farther downstream. What we mean when we talk about… Continue reading Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council Virtual Speaking Series